Cēsis Brewery

Cēsis brewery has been a symbol of Cēsis for almost half of millennia. Abandoned and underutilized for more than a decade, the old brewery is ready to rise like a phoenix from the ashes.

Currently, it is owned by the Institute for Environmental Solutions (IES), a non-profit network of scientists, artists, engineers and practitioners who care for environment. Under IES’s stewardship, the brewery has already hosted a number of traditional and innovative art and gastronomic performances.

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The development vision for the brewery is not a traditional museum symbolised by red ropes restricting public access and reminiscing about past accomplishments. Our aim is to revive its historic symbolism by mixing the historical architecture with the art of the future.

The plan for the brewery is to become an international centre of excellence where art, science and culinary are synergised to address environmental issues.

Da Vinci’s genius was that he transcended a single discipline and fused art and science to design inventions centuries ahead of their time. We see great value in both art and science. Both can be thought of as ‘creative destructive’ forces in the sense that they encourage people to abandon restrictive thinking and broaden their minds. In the future we plan to further develop the brewery as a center that cultivates the creative energies of art and science and challenges people to leave behind preconceived notions.

We invite you to be a part of this dream and join us along this exciting journey!

If you are interested in any cooperation and you have any questions, you can easily communicate with us here.