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This summer, in the framework of the exhibition “Fieldworks”, the Cēsis Castle Barn will transform into a space for experimentation, dedicated to the exploration of the environment.

How to maintain equilibrium between the environment, human needs and desires? The science and art exhibition “Fieldworks”, organized by the Institute for Environmental Solutions, attempts to propose answers to this and associated questions. The exhibition takes place this summer in the Cēsis Castle Barn and at the science and art centre “Brūzis”.

The exhibition “Fieldworks” gathers seemingly unrelated professionals - artists and scientists – in order to jointly examine debates relating to the environment. How to ascertain the nearby - all of the parallel universes hidden in every element of nature? How to listen to yourself by truly listening to nature, or, conversely, by knowing your own body, profoundly examine your surroundings? Is it possible to form a relationship with nature as you would with a partner? Can these relationships be mutual? Each individuals' answers to these questions point towards tangible consequences in politics, business and personal life.

By employing instruments used in art, as well as in science, artists enhance the conventional methodological spectrum. The exhibition displays scientific insights and findings intertwined with feelings, intuition, emotion and senses in order to directly exhibit that which is known and felt. These are studies of the fragility of the relationship between man and nature, openness to diversity and imaginative travel into the future. By expanding the notion of the surrounding, the Cēsis Castle Barn will transform into a space for processes and experimentation, filled with installations, soundscapes, texts, films and performances, capturing an environment that will never be repeated.

Participants of the exhibition include: visual and performance artist Linda Boļšakova, ethnobotany research group DiGe, choreographers Ēriks Eriksons (Sweden) and collective IevaKrish (Ieva Gaurilčikaite-Sants and Krišjānis Sants, Lithuania / Latvia) together with the singer Jolantas Strikaitis, director Mārtiņš Zvirbulis and dancers Emīlija Vanga Kosorotova (Estonia), architect and urbanist Līva Kreislere, ceramist Esmeralda Purvišķe, sound artist and architect Maksims Šenteļevs, authorAlīse Vorobeja, illustrator and muralist Zahars Ze. Rūta Abaja, a biologist from the Institute for Environmental Solutions, Kristīne Berķe-Ļubinska, Head of the Laboratory of Practical Entomology, Dr. Dainis Jakovels, agronomist Dr. Artis Kronberga, climate ambassador Uģis Rotbergs, landscape designer Dace Zariņa, LIFE CRAFT farmers and others.

Additionally, the exhibition includes a short-film program “Natural” curated by the Latvian film director and publicist Žulijens Nuhums Kulibali. It will be possible to view the selection in person. The shortfilm program includes works by Katrīna Neiburga, Madara Dišlere, Jon Bang Carlsen, Armands Začs, Žanete Skarule, Uģis Olte and Lāsma Lagzdiņa. The short film program has been created in cooperation with the international short film festival 2ANNAS.

The public program of the exhibition includes discussions with the participants and curator of the exhibition, as well as various performances. The author of the creative concept of the exhibition “Fieldworks” is the artist Aleksejs Beļeckis.

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Interdisciplinary exhibition “Fieldworks” is organized by the Institute for Environmental Solutions, in the framework of the project "Climate Responsible Agriculture for Latvia" (LIFE CRAFT) No. LIFE16 CCM/LV/000083. The project is funded by the EU LIFE programme, Republic of Latvia State Regional Development Agency and project partners - Latvian Fund for Nature,Institute for Environmental Solutions, Latvian Rural Advisory and Training Centre and Czech Centre for Science and Society. The exhibition is funded by the Cēsis municipality.

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