Airborne Surveillance and Environmental Monitoring System

Airborne Surveillance and Environmental Monitoring System (ARSENAL)

IES has developed a unique state-of-the-art airborne remote sensing technology system named ARSENAL. It was launched in October, 2013.

ARSENAL integrates eight mutually operable sensors which provide high quality data on the terrestrial, marine and freshwater ecosystems, their structure, chemical composition and spatial characteristics. ARSENAL is capable of acquiring 454 spectral bands simultaneously in a spectral wavelength from 280 to 12000 nm.

Image: IES

Spectral range of ARSENAL. Image: IES

IES exploits the remote sensing data acquired with ARSENAL for the design and development of customized innovative solutions for landscape and spatial planning, simulation of space technologies, assessment of biological diversity, counting of birds and wild animals, historical and archaeological discoveries, forest management, water management and many other needs.

For examples of the ARSENAL’s applications, see the section Projects